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Make WM Recycle America your one-stop recycling resource.

Waste Management Recycle America (WM Recycle America) is a long-term venture established by Waste Management 20 years ago. Since then we have handled over 55 million tons of recyclable commodities.

Our goal is to improve the sustainability and future growth of recycling programs to ensure that they work for everyone.

Our vision is a reinvigorated recycling industry which offers communities and businesses more effective and affordable recycling program options.

WM Recycle America provides manufacturers with the secure, consistent stream of high-quality raw materials they need to maintain operational efficiency.

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We offer municipalities cost-efficient, environmentally sound recycling programs. And we deliver opportunities for improved return on investment all along the recycling chain.

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To make us your one-stop recycling resource or if you have questions, contact us via email at WM Recycle America.

Waste Management

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Fuel Surcharge



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Fuel Surcharge and Environmental Fee Information
ThinkGreen.com ThinkGreen.com

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